Mare Fuori 3: what happened in the ninth and tenth episodes

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The new episodes of the third season of Sea Out fill the hearts of fans with joy because, finally, Philip (Nicolas Maupas) and Carmen (Massimiliano Caiazzo) I’m back together with the IPM. After being left by Naditza (Valentina Romani)Indeed, Filippo chooses to return to prison where he discovers Carmine’s infatuation for Rosa (Maria Esposito), but also the personal drama of Pino (Artem) who, destroyed by jealousy towards Kubra (Kyshan Wilson), is serving a very harsh isolation that leads him to self-harm his hand to smooth out his anger. Meanwhile Edoardo (Matteo Paolillo), wounded by the ambush set up by Don Salvatore (Raiz) and unable to come to terms with the betrayal he has suffered, hides at Liz’s house (Anna Admire yourself), the only educator who has always shown to be on his side and who, not lightly, decides to welcome him into her home until he gets back on his feet. Despite having just returned, Filippo’s days at the IPM in Naples seem, however, destined to end, given that the new director Sofia Durante (Lucrezia Guidone) decides to send him back to Milan, leading him to serve his sentence at the Beccaria even if the the boy would like everything except to get away from his best friends, including Cardiotrap (Domenico Cuomo), whom Filippo helps in the enterprise of building a song that the record company likes, which is there to give him an opportunity.

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In the meantime we discover something more about Diego (Salahudin Tijani Imrana), the black boy who attracted Pino’s jealousy towards Kubra: he worked on a farm that hired black immigrants like him until he left after the employer brutally beat him because the boy had complained about being paid less than what was agreed. From here Diego meets the Di Meo brothers Cucciolo (Francesco Panarella) and Micciarella (Giuseppe Pirozzi) and goes into business with them. Let’s go back to the present told in Sea Out: Silvia (Clotilde Esposito) obtains permission to leave thanks to Alfredo (Giuseppe Tantillo) and the two prepare to reach Capri together, although Rosa warns her, considering Alfredo a disreputable man. Kubra, on the other hand, clarifies with Pino about her: she doesn’t want to leave him, but he must learn to curb her jealousy and trust her, all while the girl suspects that Beppe (Vincenzo Ferrera) knows her mother well. before her arrest. Meanwhile, Massimo (Carmine Recano) senses that Liz is hiding Edoardo: he tries to reason with his colleague, but in vain. While Carmine experiences the disagreement of not meeting Rosa’s favor, Filippo devises a plan to allow the two to meet and clarify, succeeding.

Maria Esposito Massimiliano Caiazzo in Sea Out 3sabrina cyril
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Meanwhile, the tenth episode offers a wonderful scene: that of Cucciolo coming out with Milos (Antonio D’Aquino), to whom he reveals that he is homosexual and that, like him, he had a secret love. Trouble ahead, however, for Cardiotrap: the Valentina record company decides to give Giulia (Clara Soccini) the piece that the boy had written with the help of Filippo, striving in all respects to turn on a cone of light on the trapper even without his merit. Let’s find out, then, something more about his past: he was once the head of a group of thugs called The crows, and spent her days away from school trying to make it big. At least until, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, she stole a car and ran over a cyclist, killing him. In all of this comes the first tender kiss between Carmine and Rosa, even though the girl knows that their union will bring suffering and destruction. While Mimmo (Alessandro Orrei) finally finds the courage to tell the truth about Pirucchio’s (Nicolò Galasso) death to the latter’s parents, Alfredo discovers, thanks to Silvia, that it is Liz who is hiding Edoardo. Don Salvatore’s men approach the house, but Edoardo notices it in time and escapes on a scooter until he is shot. By now he is very close to the IPM when he is hit again and Massimo has time to leave the gate challenging the assassins, who in the meantime escape. Massimo squeezes Edoardo in his arms while the latter falls unconscious, but not before recognizing the commander’s gesture that he risked his life to try and save him.

This is the summary of episode 9 (The stages of love) and episode 8 (The rules of friendship) Of Sea Out, the Rai2 series produced by Picomedia, directed by Ivan Silvestrini and written by Cristiana Farina and Maurizio Careddu.

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