Margaret Qualley: «Mia madre (Andie MacDowell), Salinger e Sigourney Weaver»

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Do you remember the first time you realized that your mother was not only your mother, but also a very famous actress?
“Yes, and it’s a sad story. She starred in it The Muppets from outer space: it was Shelley, a Southern beauty imprisoned in a tower. Too bad that I – I was four at the time – thought it was real life: I was terrified. But then, on the phone, he reassured me ».

Share the scene in Maid, and a series can be a long way to go with your mom.
“It was awesome! They were looking for the right woman to play a free-spirited artist with bipolar disorder; I mentioned her name (Margot Robbie, Margaret’s colleague in Once upon a time in … Hollywood, is among the executive producers of Maid, ed). As soon as I arrived in Canada, during the quarantine before shooting, I went to my mother’s for dinner every Sunday. “

Does being mothers and daughters in reality as in fiction make things easier on set?
“You have to pretend less. And you can afford to explore the relationship. For me it was an unforgettable experience ».

Who are the colleagues you esteem the most, excluding the mother?
Michelle Williams: I was thrilled to be working with her on the miniseries Fosse / Verdon (biopic on director-choreographer Bob Fosse and wife-muse Gwen Verdon, ed); we were both born in montana and i have always been proud of her. Then there is Sigourney Weaver: a myth ».

What do you learn from a myth?
“I admired his ability to be authoritative while maintaining a certain innocence – a fantastic combination. Often women become masculine to be credible, but Sigourney doesn’t need it: she is complex and playful ».

What is your relationship with technology?
“I like being able to see my sister’s face while I’m in another country or that of my father who lives in Panama. And then, technology has given people a voice they may not have before. Of course, there is also the other side of the coin, the negative part: for example, the loss of human contact ».

What about your relationship with social media?
“The beauty is that when I feel overwhelmed I can simply avoid them.”

Maybe the first thing he does as soon as he wakes up is to open Instagram?
“I write: having a kind of dream diary makes me feel very good.”

His favorite book?
«It is difficult to choose, space between different genres. As a child I liked him The tree by Shel Silverstein and also Harry Potter. Growing up I appreciated Siddharta, The alchemist, He great gatsby e Franny e Zooey».

Is there a title you are linked to more than the others?
“I appreciate all of Donna Tartt’s work, in particular The goldfinch: the story of Theo Decker, who loses his mother in an explosion at the Metropolitan Museum, kept me company at a time when I was alone in New York ».

Does loneliness weigh on you?
“In reality, I look for it daily, walking aimlessly with headphones in my ears, and sometimes, yes, I even start dancing.”

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