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Margit Carstensen: The actress and “muse” of Rainer Werner Fassbinder has died

The German woman actor theater and cinema Margit Carstensen, one of the iconic stars in the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, died today at the age of 83, her agent announced and relays the Athens News Agency.

Carstensen was born in Kiel, northern Germany 1940. She mainly became known when she starred in “Bitter tears of Petra von Kant“, a film Fassbinder made in 1972. She played a self-absorbed fashion designer who falls in love with a younger woman (played by Hanna Sigula) and won awards for her performance.

Two years later he starred in the film “Martha”, a Fassbinder drama where she played the wife of a twisted narcissist. He also played in “Chinese roulette” (1976) and the “Women in New York(1977).

She starred in many plays, notably in Germany and Austria, working with the subversive director Christoph Schlingenzieff. Among others, she played Magda Goebbels, the wife of Joseph Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister of the Third Reich, in the play “The 100 years of Adolf Hitler».

Her biggest commercial success was “Zonenalee” in 1999, a comedy about life in communist East Berlin in the 1970s. In 2019, she received a lifetime achievement award with the prestigious German Goetz George Prize.

Source: News Beast

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