Maria Astrid from Liechtenstein gets married in Rome, as will the new royal wedding

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The Eternal City becomes once again the fairytale setting of a royal wedding. After that of Lady Kitty Spencer and Michael Lewis last July, Saturday that of the princess will be staged Maria Astrid of Liechtenstein with the businessman Ralph Worthington. For the occasion, the three royal houses from Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium. Maria Astrid, the youngest daughter of the Prince of Liechtenstein and Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, granddaughter of the Grand Duke Henry of Luxembourg and cousin of the kings of Belgium, will say “yes” to her fiancé during a religious ceremony which follows the civil one by two weeks.

Saturday’s event promises to bring together the elite of continental blazoned heads, as it happened just two weeks ago, when the spectacular wedding of Maria Annunciata, Maria Astrid’s elder sister, with the Italian entrepreneur Emanuele Musini, brought together a Vienna a good part of the European aristocracy for a fairytale ceremony.

And she certainly will not want to be outdone by her sister Astrid from Liechtenstein, born in Brussels in 1987, the second of three children, who arrived after Annunciata (1985) and before Josef Emanuel (1989). Together with the Astrid brothers from Liechtenstein he lived in Strasbourg, Bern and then again in Belgium. Her being a citizen of the world has made her very versatile. It has a economic training, thanks to a master’s degree from the London School for Business and Finance, but then chose to direct his career in the field ofinterior design. She also dedicated herself with commitment to cooking and pastry, attending the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school of culinary art in Paris.

The future husband, Ralph Worthington, is the great-grandson of the founder of Metropolitan Oil, whose family lives in the Hamptons. It is in this exclusive New York enclave that in 2012 Ralph launched the ristorante Station. He had previously spent a few years in the United Arab Emirates, where he ran a contemporary art gallery in Dubai and founded an infrastructure and tourism consultancy firm. Today he continues to work in this sector as a partner of Ag awam Hospitality Group, in New York.

The marriage between Astrid of Liechtenstein and Ralph Worthington comes with some delay. The two were in fact engaged in 2019 and they had planned the wedding for 2020. But it causes pandemic of coronavirus, were forced to reprogram the happy event, to be able to better enjoy the big day surrounded by friends, relatives and many European royals.

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