María Elena Ríos points out that a judge could release one of her attackers and demands justice

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According to the testimony of María Elena Ríos Ortiz, the Oaxacan saxophonist who suffered an attempted femicide with acid in 2019, Judge Teódulo Pacheco Pacheco could release former PRI deputy and gas station businessman Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal, whom he points out as the perpetrator mastermind behind his attack and who is currently in pretrial detention.

Through Twitter, the saxophonist spread the message, stressing that the hearing began on January 16, but that she had also started the dirty war against her and her family, with the purpose of freeing the person who wanted to kill her with acid and that In this way, the accused takes his process in freedom.

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In two videos shared on said social network, the young woman denounced that the defendant’s defense had delivered evidence at 11:30 am when they had been requested since November. In addition, she revealed that the judge has behaved totally biased and in favor of Vera Carrizal.

This character tried to kill me with acid and this fact is a femicide. Just because I survived doesn’t mean it’s downplayed and I don’t deserve justice.

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Maria elena rios ortiz saxophonist

In this way, the saxophonist requested the recusal of the control judge for “his omissions and irregularities” in the trial, since he affirms that in the event that the alleged culprit is allowed to carry out his process in freedom, he would have the possibility to flee.

According to María Elena, the case remains so unpunished that they have not wanted to arrest the son of Vera Carrizal, who for three years has been a fugitive from justice, being accused as the mastermind of the acid attack suffered by the young woman on September 9, 2019.

It is worth mentioning that on several occasions, the young woman has pointed out the links that her attacker has with the governor of Oaxaca, for which reason it is estimated that in the case there has been impunity for his influences.

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