Marialina Tsinidi: The 17-year-old student whose experiments travel in space

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Marialina Tsinidi (17 years old)

She is only 17 years old, a high school student, her experiments have traveled in space with Blue Origin, SpaceX, Nanoracks, while she has been awarded three times by the European Space Agency (ESA). She conducts her experiments in Diocritus, has a volunteer activity and her goal is to study astrophysics, while she is interested in data analysis and astrobiology.

Her project, in which she used satellite data, brought Greece to 2nd place and was awarded by the European Space Agency (ESA), which led her to present her work at the Living Planet Symposium 2019, Milan – Italy, with a full scholarship. In the spring of 2020 it brought Greece to 1st place by ESA, for its work on the effects of floods. Also, her idea for the Electromagnetic Radiation Study was distinguished by ESA and implemented at the International Space Station (ISS) through SpaceX.

He has also performed three experiments in space (Karman Line, 100 km altitude), via Blue Origin.

After all this experience, the mission manager of Nanoracks suggested that she conduct an experiment on the ISS (these are experiments of American and NASA universities). Marialina’s idea concerns the study of viability and production of antibiotics of radiobacteria in Space. He has designed the experiment in AutoCAD, done a laboratory study and researched the changes caused by Zero Gravity. The Space LineM experiment was launched for the ISS via SpaceX, NASA and Nanoracks.

Influenced by the state of humanity, he organized two world student conferences (Model United Nations) online on COVID-19 and climate change @ virtual.mun (Instagram account), with students from all over the world and excellent scientists as well. The aim is to mobilize in the best possible way. The money from the participations was donated to the Red Cross.

In addition, an online newsletter ( was launched on climate change to raise awareness of this critical area.

Having been involved in many challenging programs and having learner’s profile, her presence as a young successful woman on the “30s under 30s” list is expected to pave the way for more girls to pursue their dreams of this other male-dominated man. .

Methodology: Out of the more than 100 nominations collected by “Forbes” – either through applications of the interested parties themselves or through proposals from institutions and competent bodies – the editorial team made a first selection and came up with 50. The jury, which consisted of Mr. Spyros Theodoropoulos (CEO of Chipita), Nikos Karamouzis (former President of Eurobank and the Hellenic Banking Association, President of Grant Thornton), Michalis Bletsas (Director of Informatics at MIT Media Lab), Theocharos Filipos, president of Attica Publications), evaluated the 50 candidacies with scores from 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest), based on which the final ranking was formed. The order of publication is defined according to the members’ rating (from highest to lowest) and then alphabetically. Conditions for participation in the list “Forbes 30 Under 30 Greece 2022” were met by those born from 1/1/1992 onwards.

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Source From: Forbes

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