Mariazel worries her followers after sharing her state of health

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Through her Instagram account, one of the members of the famous dysfunctional family, the actress Mariazel shared with her followers that she suffers from nervous gastritis.

In addition, he asked his followers if any of them have gone through this condition, which is more common than it seems. In his post, Mariazel also empathized with users about how annoying this pathology is.

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Mariazel in the sports program

Guys, girls, do any of you have gastritis nervosa? Yeah? No? If yes, pfff! I understand them. It’s hot, right? It’s… pffff! I’m so sorry, cheer up!

It is worth mentioning that nervous gastritis is very common due to the lifestyle we lead and is caused by excessive stress, anxiety, nervousness and emotional complications, so it is not only convenient to treat the disease with a change in diet and with observation by a gastroenterologist, but you could also go to a psychologist.

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Other factors that can cause a picture of gastritis is excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, eating irritating foods, sedentary lifestyle, consumption of medications that can cause irritation, prolonged fasting, among other bad eating habits.

The most frequent symptoms are: pain in the pit of the stomach, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, bad taste in the mouth, among others. Although it is not known if the actress Mariazel is already undergoing medical treatment, in her video we could see that she is not having a very good time.

Mariazel in I fall from laughter

It is likely that one of the causes that is influencing the state of health of the also driver is overwork, since it must be remembered that it is currently one of the most requested of all show business, since it has a presence in entertainment programs, sports and shows. In addition, she has not ruled out the possibility of resuming acting.

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