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Marielle case: 2 thousand days later, investigators work with the possibility of new accusations

The death of Councilor Marielle Franco (PSOL) completes two thousand days this Monday (04) with the expectation of new award-winning collaborations and for a judgment by the Federal Supreme Court that may determine the delivery of new evidence to the teams of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal Police who are still trying to solve the crime.

The main focus of the investigators is to find out if there was an intermediary between the two former military police arrested for the crime, and the alleged masterminds.

For this, the award-winning collaboration closed by former military police officer Élcio Queiroz this year gave researchers a new perspective. He admitted that he drove the car that former PM Ronnie Lessa was in when he fired the shots that killed Marielle and her driver Anderson Gomes, in March 2018.

A CNN found that Élcio Queiroz’s denunciation surprised Ronnie Lessa’s team, and there was discussion about the possibility of an exchange in his defense team.

In July, based on one of the annexes to the complaint, the Federal Police managed to arrest former firefighter Maxwell Simões Corrêa, who participated in the concealment of the weapons used in the crime. Since July, the investigators’ strategy has been to put pressure on Corrêa, seen as a potential collaborator.

The pressure comes with the advancement of investigations involving the former firefighter’s business. His wife was the subject of a search and seizure.

Last week, a military police officer was arrested for, according to investigators, to take Maxwell’s place in the criminal organization that exploits clandestine TV services in Rio de Janeiro.

Judgment at the Supreme Court

Investigators are still waiting for a set of data from Google that can help conclude the investigation into who communicated about Marielle Franco’s agenda in March 2018. in the next month.

The Public Ministry obtained a series of favorable decisions to gain access to the identifiers of people who sought the name and agenda of councilwoman Marielle Franco (PSOL) days before her death in 2018.

Google appealed to the STF and there is still no date for the judgment, which will have general repercussions, that is, it will guide other decisions on the subject. The company understands that this is a dangerous precedent, which violates the secrecy of use of the search engine.

Source: CNN Brasil

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