«Marilyn has black eyes»: the new film with Miriam Leone and Stefano Accorsi

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After working side by side in the trilogy of 1992 broadcast on Sky, Stefano Accorsi and Miriam Leone they are ready to join forces again to immerse themselves in two unprecedented roles, very far from those of Leonardo Notte and Veronica Castello: those of two broken souls who discover that unity is strength. The film is Marilyn has black eyes, is produced by Greenland with Rai Cinema and will arrive in theaters on October 14th. Directed by Simone Godano, it is the story of Clara (Leone), who is so good at lying that she is the first to believe her lies, and Diego (Accorsi), a man tried by events with various psychoses and fits of anger.

They meet for the first time in a Day Center for the rehab of disturbed people, called to face a test that seems impossible: to manage a restaurant in the Center avoiding any conflict with the rest of the group. Although the two do not have any kind of aptitude for successful businesses, Clara and Diego will soon discover that it is thanks to cooperation that incredible results are achieved, together with trust and, why not, also with love. The first images of Marilyn has black eyes, as well as offering us an overview of theimmense skill of Accorsi and Leone in roles so different from their repertoire, they put us in contact with an intimate and romantic story about the discovery of the value of each one and the need not to be alone.

The film, written by Giulia Steigerwalt, will be the closing film of the Bari International Film Festival 2021, where it will be screened on October 2nd. In the cast, in addition to Accorsi and Leone, we also find Thomas Trabacchi, Mariano Pirrello, Andrea Di Casa, Orietta Notari, Valentina Oteri, Ariella Reggio and Marco Messeri.

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