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Marina Ruy Barbosa congratulates Juliana Paes for her performance in “Piece of Me”

The actress Marina Ruy Barbosa 29, used social media on Tuesday (9) to praise Juliana Paes 45, for his role in “Piece of me “, new Netflix series.

In her Instagram Story, Marina showed that she was watching the new production and did not hold back on praising Juliana Paes, with whom she worked on the soap opera “Totalmente Demais” (2015).

“There are no words to describe your talent and sensitivity in this work. ‘Piece of Me’ [está] “Captivating and moving me from beginning to end. You are so incredible. Flawless. Incomparable. I admire you so much,” wrote Marina Ruy Barbosa.

The Brazilian series premiered last Friday (5) and is already among the five most-watched non-English language productions on the platform this week.

The melodramatic series, classified as a “soap opera” by Netflix, reached the fifth position in the global top. With the name “Desperate Lies” (“Desperate Lies”, in free translation), and accumulated 1.8 million views since last Friday (5) when it premiered.

“Piece of Me” is still among the top ten most-watched series on Netflix in 21 countries . The list includes nations such as Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and Kenya.

Watch the trailer for “Piece of Me”:

Heteroparental superfecundation of “Piece of Me” exists and is rare

Source: CNN Brasil

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