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Marine Le Pen must stand trial on charges of embezzling EU funds, according to Paris prosecutors

The prosecutor’s office of Paris announced today that the head of the French extreme right Marine Le Pen and 23 other members of her party they should be tried on charges of misusing EU fundsescalating a seven-year investigation.

The prosecutor’s office of Paris began research in December 2016, saying that he wants to find out if the then National Front had used money intended for MEP assistants to pay staff who worked for the party, as reported by APE-MPE. MEPs are given money to cover expensesincluding for the fees of their partners, but this money is not allowed to be used for party expenses.

Le Pen’s party, now called National Alert, denies any guilt. “We dispute this position as it appears to be a misunderstanding of the work of opposition MPs and their associates, which is above all political,” the party said in a statement to Reuters.

Le Pen faces a possible 10-year prison sentence, a fine of one million euros and, being an elected official, inability to be elected to public office for 10 yearsannounced by the prosecution.

Source: News Beast

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