Mario Balotelli, father in love with Pia and Lion

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It looks just like that Mario Balotelli you love to devote yourself to yours two sons. The thirty-year-old footballer, today in the ranks of Associazione Calcio Monza in the role of striker, made the hearts of his fans melt, posting on Instagram a photo in which he appears perfectly at ease in the role of two-time dad.

On holiday at the resort, Balotelli walks hand in hand with slippers and swimwear Pia, 8 years old, born from the on and off relationship with the former ex gieffina model Raffaella Fico, while holding the little Lion tight to his chest, born in 2017 from the love with Clelia, banker and model whose surname remains unknown, according to most the exact copy of another former player of the footballer, Fanny Neguesha.

Very prone to flirting, it is said, Mario Balotelli has always struggled to stay in a relationship for a long time. Yet, in the role of father, the sportsman with an indomitable character appears serene, more: very happy.

Who knows Pia, officially recognized only in February 2014, after a long and very media trial in court, they often appear on Balotelli’s Instagram page, e Lion, whose face was promptly covered by dad Balotelli with a smiley face, get along well. Meanwhile, there are those who suspect a backfire between the athlete with Latin lover DNA and ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico. Which – judging by the videos posted on her social profile – would seem to be in the same holiday resort as Balotelli, in a mini bikini and loose hair. There is certainly nothing and the fans have already started with the full-bets: Are they or are they not on vacation together?

Certainly it is known that both have recently become single (his latest flame was Alessia Messina, the Alexia suitor of “Men & Women”). For the rest, the facts will speak.

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