Mario Draghi: Whoever calls for vaccination, calls for death

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The Italian Prime Minister referred to the new measures of his government – including the use of a vaccination certificate, similar to the one issued in our country – on Thursday night Mario Draghi.

“Anyone who appeals against them vaccinations“he calls for the death of himself and others,” he said, adding that “all Italians should be vaccinated immediately to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

The Italian Prime Minister explained, however, that “with green fold the economic activities and businesses of the country are protected “, as broadcast by APE BPE.

As the Italian Minister of Health explained Roberto Speranza, there are three main measures adopted today.

THE state of emergency due to coronavirus is extended until December 31, 2021, while for the possible adoption of new restrictions, the reference criteria change: the main focus will no longer be on the Rt transmission rate and the number of new cases, but on the percentage of hospital admissions.

An area will be converted to yellow belt if coronavirus patients in the ICU exceed 10% of capacity and 15% of all hospital beds. For the proclamation orange belt respectively, a percentage of 20% in the ICU and 30% in the hospital wards and for enforcement, finally, red belt, the new rates decided are 30% of the beds in the intensive care units and 40% in all the hospital units.

The “green fold of vaccinated»Will be necessary to enter gyms, shows, swimming pools, exhibition centers, as well as competitions for hiring employees. At the same time, it will be needed to be able to sit indoors in coffee bars and restaurants. At present, it has not been decided to hold the digital green certificate for entry on trains and planes.

Finally, about the news school year, Mario Draghi stressed that the main goal is to enable students to return to their classes, in conditions of complete safety. He confirmed, however, that his government does not know whether the mandatory vaccination of teachers will finally be decided. To date, 85% of teachers in Italy have been vaccinated.

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