Marion Labour: Regulation of cryptocurrencies will help to cope with the crisis

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Senior analyst at Deutsche Bank Research, author of the book Democratizing Finance, said that the crisis in the cryptocurrency market can be overcome through regulation.

Marion Laboure in conversation shared her views on digital currencies and price behavior in the context of excess demand over supply with CNBC. As well as the unstable situation with the cryptocurrency market and the collapse of the Terra ecosystem.

According to Labour, the digital asset market needs more regulation than we currently have. She is particularly concerned about the mismatch between bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies emerging on the market. The expert believes that even in countries with developed economies, the financial literacy of citizens is quite low. Regulation would help gather more data about the industry and help people figure out how the industry works:

“Recent events have served as a good reminder to us that not all cryptocurrencies are the same. Some of them are very young and carry great risks. There are many and they are very different, so we should not compare bitcoin, the oldest and most expensive cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, with newer crypto assets.”

A senior analyst at Deutsche Bank Research emphasized that the instability that we have been seeing in the cryptocurrency market in recent months will not disappear anywhere in the near future. If the market is regulated, it is likely that digital assets will gain wider acceptance and at the same time increase liquidity, which will help make them less volatile.

Last fall, Labour expressed the opinion that bitcoin has every chance of becoming the digital gold of the 21st century. However, for this, BTC needs to become less volatile.


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