Mariupol is “hell on Earth”, says Ukrainian navy commander in letter to Pope

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The commander of the Ukrainian marines unit in the besieged city of Mariupol has written an open letter to Pope Francis asking him to save people remaining at the site, which has been under heavy Russian bombardment since the start of the war in Ukraine.

In the letter, published on the Ukrainska Pravda website, Major Serhii Volyna, leader of the 36th Marines Brigade, wrote: “I have not seen your appeals to the world and I have not read all your latest statements, I have been fighting for over 50 days in complete siege. and I have time only for a fierce battle for every meter of a city besieged by the enemy.”

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Volyna said he was ready to “fight to the end” despite the constant onslaught of artillery and rockets, lack of water, food and medicine, and added: “You’ve probably seen a lot in your life, but I’m sure you never have. what is happening in Mariupol. Because that’s what hell on earth looks like.”

“I have little time to describe all the horrors I see here every day. In the factory [Azovstal], women with children and babies live in bunkers. Hungry and cold. Every day being targeted by enemy aviation. The wounded die because there is no medicine, no water, no food,” added the commander.

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The official also cited the theater in Mariupol that was hit by a Russian attack while being used as a shelter for civilians in March.

“The time has come when praying is not enough. Help save them. After the theater bombing, no one believes the Russian occupiers. Bring the truth to the world, evacuate people and save their lives from the hands of Satan, who wants to burn all living things.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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