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Mark Cuban: Cryptocurrencies will help Donald Trump win

The attitude towards cryptocurrencies will be a key difference between US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, although both do not understand the issue. Billionaire Mark Cuban said this.

Discussing the upcoming X election, ASI crypto lawyer Preston Byrne noted that Trump’s crypto policies are “actually very substantive and well thought out.” Biden’s approach is “insane and punitive.”

Cuban expressed skepticism about the competence of politicians, although he acknowledged the importance of digital assets in this election cycle:

“Do you really think [Трамп] does he understand anything about crypto other than the fact that he made money selling NFTs? Neither of [кандидатов] does not understand. But I’ve said many times that Biden will have to choose between [председателем SEC] Gary Gensler and crypto voters, or it could cost him the White House.”

According to Byrne, if he wins, Trump will appoint employees versed in digital assets to the SEC and the US Treasury.

Cuban previously wrote that if Joe Biden loses the upcoming election, the crypto community will have a chance to “thank” the Commission and Gensler. The billionaire noted the negative impact of the confrontation between the SEC and the industry on the Democratic candidate.

During a speech at the Libertarian Party National Convention in May, Trump said the United States should become a leader in the crypto industry. He also promised to release the founder of the darknet market Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, if elected president.

In June, the politician called himself the “crypto president” and criticized Democratic attempts to regulate the industry.

According to a Paradigm poll, about 48% of voters who own digital assets plan to vote for Trump in the upcoming US presidential election. Another 38% are for Biden, 13% have not decided on a candidate.

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