Mark Cuban: Ethereum is better than others for investments

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Newbie investors should look at several of the leading cryptocurrencies, but Ethereum has the greatest growth potential. Billionaire Mark Cuban said this on CNBC.

When asked what digital assets he would recommend to new investors, Cuban clarified his views on some of the popular cryptocurrencies.

“I think Ethereum has the most investment prospects,” he said.

He recommended Dogecoin “for fun,” as well as an opportunity to get to know cryptocurrencies and learn how their communities can influence the markets.

Bitcoin Cuban still considers the digital version of gold to be better than the physical one.

In April 2021, the billionaire revealed his cryptocurrency portfolio. At that time, it consisted of 60% of Bitcoin, 30% of Ethereum.

Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks Club was the first in NBA started accepting Dogecoin for payment for tickets, services and goods. The billionaire also bought a meme cryptocurrency for his 11-year-old son for educational purposes.

Cuban had previously criticized Cardano, questioning the usefulness of the asset.

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