Mark Mobius expects Bitcoin to fall to $10,000

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According to the forecasts of the co-founder of Mobius Capital Partners LLP, Mark Mobius, in the near future the price of bitcoin may drop to $10,000.

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In a recent interview, Mark Mobius suggested that bitcoin is very likely to collapse by several thousand dollars. Moebius added that he would not invest his own money and client funds in this cryptocurrency, because in the current conditions “it is too dangerous.”

At the same time, Mobius acknowledged that cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere, as many investors still believe in this asset class, despite its high volatility and the numerous bankruptcies of cryptocurrency lenders, which have become quite a frequent occurrence this year.

“It’s amazing how bitcoin manages to maintain its course despite the “hole” in the reserves of FTX. A black cloud hangs over the digital asset market,” Mark Mobius is perplexed.

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Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $16,500 per coin, and the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $834.8 billion.

The head of Mobius Capital Partners has always been skeptical about bitcoin, considering it a risky asset. In June, Moebius called bitcoin an indicator of stock market sentiment and recommended investing in stocks. Although a few years ago, Mobius made a reservation that if bitcoin grows, he can become its buyer.

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