Mark Zuckerberg: Trains in Martial Arts – ‘The Nerd is a Silent Killer’

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THE Mark Zuckerberg he may be known as its calm founder Facebookbut his coach describes him as a “silent killer” on martial artswith the billionaire also uploading a related video.

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According to nypost.comthe social media mogul uploaded a video to Instagram in which he appears to be training with Khai Wu, a martial arts professional and black belt in jiu jitsu, which the former considers the “best sport.”

In fact, Khai Wu emphasizes that “you would never expect these guys to be able to take you down. The next thing you know, they’re attacking you with these super-fast movements.” At the same time, he added that “you don’t expect it, but this nerd is a silent killer.”

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Check out the video Zuckerberg uploaded of him training in martial arts:

Source: News Beast

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