Market lacks heart, sensitivity and humanism, says Lula

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President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said this Thursday (12) that the financial market “has no heart, sensitivity or humanism”, and that the government has an obligation to take care of those most in need.

At breakfast with journalists, the president also said that the market creates the narrative that everything that is not to pay interest is spent and said that in all crises it was the State that saved the economy.

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He also recalled that the country had primary surpluses in its governments and that the financial market cannot complain about a PT government.

Criminal acts in Brasilia

Asked whether there is a possibility of dismissing the defense minister after the vandalism events on Sunday, Lula replied that “everyone makes mistakes, and that he is not going to fire anyone on the first mistake.”

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Over coffee, the president also signaled that he did not trigger a Guarantee of Law and Order (GLO) over the weekend due to “distrust” about the military’s posture.

If it did, in his words, the protesters would have what they were demanding: a general in charge of the country. He also said that he is removing the military from command posts inside the Planalto Palace and that he will work to resume the harmonious relationship he always had with the military.

Source: CNN Brasil

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