Marmolada, Alessandra’s farewell to Tommaso: “I love you, forever”

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Alessandra De Camilli she was saved. Tommaso Carollo no. Their fates parted on the Marmolada where they had climbed together for a hike on the Sunday of the dramatic collapse of the glacier. The 51-year-old from Schio is hospitalized in Trento, she has been operated on her knee and has other fractures. However, she is not in danger of life. Her partner Tommaso Carollo, 48, from Zanè, is among the identified victims.

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On Tuesday night he posted a photo of their kiss, right on the top of a mountain. In the post on Facebook she said goodbye to her partner: «I love you Tommaso. Forever and For Always”. To those who follow her on social media she sent a message: «Thank you for all the messages you have sent me and that you are sending me, I will reply. Everyone as soon as I can use the phone. I’m terribly sick but I’m alive. Thank you for being close to me ».

Friends said they had sent photos from the Ice Hut refuge on Saturday. Carollo was an experienced hiker. Alessandra remembers very little of the accident. “I heard a noise and looked up. I saw chunks of snow and ice coming down, I heard someone yelling “go-away”. Then I think I passed out. I didn’t even have time to think “Now I’m running”, that I was overwhelmed. I think it was impossible to escape from that huge mass. When I woke up there was help, I think it’s been half an hour. There was the lord of the shelter. I was in the middle of the ice “she told her to Republic from the hospital room where she is hospitalized.

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He knows it was at the base of the glacier. A path on the rock remained to be made. With the companion they took the way back. «I was with Tommaso. Then he knew other guides, we had hooked them to the shelter. Nobody told us it was dangerous to go up, there were a lot of people going quiet. We left at 7am so it wasn’t cold but not super hot either. No one could have foreseen such a catastrophe. There were also expert guides in the overwhelmed party and if they were there, they obviously thought it could be done. What happened was not predictable, in any way. “

How Alessandra was saved Davide Carnielli, reported missing on the Marmolada, recognized after two days in hospital. Even the story of engineer Riccardo Franchin, 27, has a happy ending. «When I heard the roar I had time to roll my eyes and that shapeless mass was already on us. I started running, then I fell and passed out ». Of his three climbing partners, two are dead and one is missing. The father Mario told the Corriere della Sera who thinks he is saved because he was not tied up at the time. “It is only luck if those blocks of ice hit the team mates in full and he was only touched.”

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