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Maroto announces more measures by the communities for trade and tourism

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, said this Monday that there are many communities that they will announce more measures to support tourism, hospitality and commerce. He pointed this out at a press conference after meeting with the autonomous communities and municipalities at the intersectoral conference on trade and tourism.

At the meeting, Maroto presented the support plan for the hotel industry approved last week, which, according to him, has had a feedback positive on the part of the autonomous communities and has added that “There are many who are going to announce measures to support the sectors”.

Last week the reinforcement package for tourism, hospitality and commerce was approved, the latter with an economic impact of 4.22 billion, but which did not include direct aid, as requested by the sector. The government said then that this plan would be reinforced with support from the autonomous regions.

“We have found that aid has been deployed from all the communities and also from the municipalities “, he said the minister, who has not mentioned which communities are the ones that plan to announce new support, but has insisted that “there are many that have direct aid for the sectors and are going to reinforce them.”

“The magnitude of the impacts varies depending on the community because the pandemic has affected differently,” stressed Maroto, who insisted that these are the most vulnerable sectors of the crisis, but that “the beginning of vaccination and budgets open a horizon of hope for all “.

Aid plans

In what we have of a pandemic, the Government has approved two global plans to support the sector. The first, in June and endowed with more than 4,000 million euros, was the boost to the tourism sector. Last week another second reinforcement package for tourism, hospitality and commerce was approved.

The minister has reviewed other measures of the Government to these sectors. Has highlighted the 110,972 million euros of financing provided by the Official Credit Institute (ICO), with Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia as the main recipients of these credits. More than 578,000 companies have benefited from the sector. Regarding ERTE, they affect 746,900 workers.

The minister has highlighted other initiatives launched for the reactivation of tourism, such as the approval of 25 tourism sustainability plans, with an investment of 58 million, or the network of smart destinations. In the field of trade, the program to support tourism competitiveness has stood out, with support for more than 46,000 businesses throughout the national territory.

Today the retail trade data for the month of November has been published precisely, in which a significant drop is seen compared to last year, despite the Black Friday campaign. In this regard, he pointed out that these data continue to reflect the loss of consumer confidence, since “restrictions are still very close, both in terms of capacity and mobility”. For Maroto, 2021 will be a year in which “recovery will be the protagonist”.

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