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Marriage at first sight 10: the confrontation between Giulia and Mattia and that message on Whatsapp

We were certain that sooner or later contacts between husbands and wives of Marriage at first sight they would have shuffled the cards, we just didn’t believe that it would have been an insignificant Whatsapp message to light the fuse. To send it at the end of the honeymoon was Matthias Benedict who, within a group where all the participants in the Real Time program were registered with the exception of his wife Giulia Martello, wrote a joke perhaps not too far from the reality that we had already sniffed from the very first episode: a joke in which Mattia explained that he is now launched towards a divorce because it is very clear that Giulia is not for him. Too bad that, within that same Whatsapp group, Simona Viola decided to screenshot the message and send it to Giulia, who decided to ambush Mattia during the very first day of living together.

A very heated but extremely necessary confrontation came out of it because we think it was time for Mattia to stop sketching and spill the beans, explaining in detail to Giulia all the things that have started to creak in their marriage. First of all the limit of not letting yourself be touched which the girl has never mentioned to either the experts or the casting managers of Marriage at first sight. If she had done so, it is very probable that they would not have selected her or, at least, they would not have placed a man eager for contact like Mattia next to her, who had no problem admitting that he suffered because a Marriage at first sight of this type, built beyond a barrier of pillows and contemptuous phrases, he really didn’t deserve it.

Simona Viola and Gennaro Vergara

Giulia explained her reasons, reproached the boy for his way of making jokes that she really doesn’t like – but if he can’t even make jokes what’s left for this poor man? -and she surprised everyone a little when, at the time of her greetings, she chose to embrace Mattia leaving him dumbfounded. The momentum caught him off guard, and must have seemed like a naïve way to curry favor with the audience after a not-so-delicious tale about her and her journey offered by the montage. Now that Pandora’s box has been opened, we imagine that there could be more transparency between them. The same that Simona was able to explain to Gennaro Vergara telling him clearly that she is not attracted to him. The only hope, at this point, remain Irene Pignieri and Matteo Riva even if they too are starting to deal with the heaviness of everyday life. Time will tell.

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