Marriage at first sight 8 and the “bullying” against Mattia and Cristina

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The episode of the comparison has always been, for fans of Marriage at first sighta good opportunity to understand if couples are sincere or insincere. Immersed in a specific social context, in fact, the protagonists change, choosing either to make a smile shine and beat one’s happiness in the face of others, or to darken by exasperating all the things that have not worked out of one’s experience. At this turn, the balances were far from balanced, with two couples ready to emphasize their harmony with some insistence and another who struggled not a little to make the best of a bad situation although, deep down, she would have probably gladly given a push to the other four newlyweds in the pool. The protagonists of this defeat were Mattia and Cristina who, after the latter’s decision to leave for a week on a cruise with a friend of hers, found her companion’s coldness and skepticism waiting for her, disappointed at the thought that the girl decided to leave just when Marriage at first sight it required his presence to understand if they were compatible or not.

Cristina and Mattia from Marriage at first sight 6

The comparison, we said, inevitably showed that, despite good intentions, there is still a long way to go and that it is not certain that it will come to a happy ending, above all because the meeting with the experts, what will tell us if the couples Marriage at first sight they will want to continue to be married or not, it gets closer and closer. The cross attack against Mattia and Giorgia – which, frankly, it seemed a bit like shooting on the red cross – was developed by Antonio and Giorgianow very close especially after the trip to Salento and the dinner with the in-laws, and from Gianluca and Giorgia, a still deeply ambiguous couple who insist insistently that they have found a harmony even if the week before they seemed to surrender to the fact of never finding a common point able to bring them closer. It remains that the social experiment has seen Antonio and Giorgia and Gianluca and Giorgia taken so well with their stories to exercise a sort of awe on Mattia and Cristina which, in our opinion, did not lead to anything good.

Giorgia and Antonio di Marriage at first sight 6

The question of whether or not the marriage was consummated could also be legitimate, but remarking with a hint of pride how much sex has done their couple good to establish a closer bond with their partner seemed out of place, as well as incorrect. Even the insistent questions about whether they should try and the notes on not having tried hard enough did not help, leading Mattia and Giorgia to close themselves up more and more and gradually distance them from the idea of ​​the idyll they were hoping with all their hearts to chase. in the last step. In this very fragile equilibrium where a brick out of place is enough to make the hut collapse, even asking “So if you saw the experts today it would be a no?” it can turn out to be a fatal mistake, yet another destructive point which, by simple mechanisms of psychology, leads the other two couples to feel stronger and stronger. We don’t know if the ending of Wedding at first sightaired on Wednesday 30 March in prime time on Real Time – we will have some surprises in store, but we are certainly sure that this comparison had a somewhat bullying aftertaste that we hoped not to see.

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