“Marriage at first sight”: Martina’s fury against her “husband clashes”

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In many editions of Marriage at first sight it had never happened that a new bride sent the new groom to the bedroom the first night together after the honeymoon. It was to stain himself with this “guilt” Martina, the flight attendant from Gallarate who, from the beginning, showed little involvement not only for Davide, the husband that the experts have chosen for her, but also for the experiment in general. In fact, after so many years it does not seem clear to the participants that the groom is not chosen, but he is accepted for what he is, smoothing the edges so that the pieces fit together and making an effort not to fit the piece by force with the risk of breaking it.

Martina, judging by her approach to the Real Time program, doesn’t seem to have understood it. On the contrary. From a certain point of view, it almost seems that the girl was perfectly fine alone, which would not explain her desire to participate in a program designed to put someone near her.

Beyond the ceremony and a honeymoon that represented a sort of armed truce, things started to creak as soon as they returned to real life, when Martina returned to her home and unwrapped, as well as a bouquet of flowers delivered to her. from Davide, even a letter in which the boy indulged in sentences that were far too demanding for an acquaintance of just under a week. “Life is unpredictable for everything it can give you and, for now, it has given me Martina” Davide wrote in front of a particularly perplexed Martina, convinced that she is anything but taken by a boy like him, one who defines himself “Mussel” because the most fearless mussel is the one that manages to crumble the “rock” that Martina would represent in this game of not very daring metaphors. Hence the decision, once Davide arrived, to make the boy sleep not in his room, but in a separate wing of the house: a move that left the poor man astonished, guilty of being too sincere, but above all the spectator who, with all the efforts in the world, can hardly understand why a girl who accepted to participate in a program such as Marriage at first sight decides not to make even an attempt to approach by sending the groom directly out of sight.

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Hence the inevitable confrontation: «For me you run too much. Then at the end you do my puppet and, after three minutes, I throw you away like an old toy “ Martina explained, chilling any attempt by Davide to approach who, it is true, maybe he even exaggerated, however, when he rightly pointed out that it is not very elegant for her to talk to her ex while he is in his house, he got caught as well a lecture of the epic ones, to the Temptation Island, so to speak. On the other hand, the relationship between Delilah and Manuel, so close that they seem made for each other. The most interesting couple in terms of construction and personal growth is, however, the one formed by Sergio and Jessica, two people at the antipodes who, thanks to the comparison and the real desire to build something, are slowly lowering the walls they had raised during their honeymoon to meet each other. The beauty of Marriage at first sight, on the other hand, it is precisely to witness this type of compromise and dialogue: without it, there is no mussel (and rock) that holds.

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