Martha Higareda once again defends her anecdotes and assures that she did tell the truth

Martha Higareda once again defends her anecdotes and assures that she did tell the truth

during the popular A lot of everything podcast, Martha Higareda took the opportunity to refer to the controversy she recently faced after being accused of mythomaniac due to some experiences she has shared.

Along with his friend Yordi Rosado, the star of I present to you Laura He reviewed the different anecdotes for which he was harshly criticized, ensuring that everything was taken out of context, since she always told the truth.

With the naturalness that characterizes her, Martha Higareda said that it was a surprise for her to find out that she was being a trend on the internet but in a somewhat negative way, since many users of the networks accused her of inventing their anecdotes. However, upon analyzing what was happening, she came to the conclusion that her stories seemed unbelievable when taken out of context.

There was a day where I said: ‘But why is this really happening?’. I mean, now I’m going to start investigating, well, like where this whole situation came from. And, then, it was that I said: ‘Of course, there are certain things that are taken out of context and then they become like ‘clickbait’ (cyberbait), right?’ In other words, bait for you to click on.

As an example of the clickbait, referred to the moment when it was said that she had rejected Robert Pattinson for Omar Chaparro, but she was the producer of Don’t stain Frida, so, obviously, he couldn’t stop the film, which was already two weeks away from shooting, by going off to do another project simply because he couldn’t be irresponsible.

On the other hand, regarding her experiences with Hollywood celebrities, the screenwriter also recounted that in the environment in which she operates, it is super common to meet any famous person, so it is not at all extraordinary that it happens.

Continuing with the recount to clarify her anecdotes, the Mexican actress explained that, according to linguistic experts, once you master a language, it is common for you to dream in that language, which is not at all unusual. In addition, she also referred to her when she said that she began to speak at four months, one of the topics that generated the most controversy.

I said: ‘My first word’. By the way, obviously, I don’t remember, but what my mother, my uncles, my grandpa say… is that I said my first word at four months, then at five I said another three, and so you accumulate words, right? No? But at four months it was my first word.

The theater actress also took on the task of reaffirming her anecdotes, trying to explain her stories, although in the end she said that she will continue to tell her experiences regardless of whether people believe them or not, because, after all, she is only trying to have fun.

Source: Okchicas