Martina Pinto became a mother: “Together with Polly, I was born too”

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“With Polly, I was born too ». Martina Pinto celebrates with her husband Alessandro Poggi the arrival of theirs first daughter. The actress was filmed by her partner during labor, while rocking her baby bump for prepare for childbirth. A sort of dance, clinging to the structure of the hospital bed, between cuddles and smiles. Right up to the birth of the child, in the night between 15 and 16 June.

“As soon as I get home I will tell you everything, meantime Thank you for affection, ”the actress said from the clinic, addressing her fans. “I could not ask for better, Ale was fantastic ». Yes, because apparently it has shared to the maximum the experience with Martina, also helping her physically: «I grew up with the popular thought that childbirth was something exclusive for the future mother, ”he wrote.

“And that dad was a mere observer, a frame. Here, find yourself at fill a swimming pool fighting to find the perfect temperature, stay immersed for three hours in dirty water supporting and lifting the mother with all her strength with each contraction, push along with her pulling her to my chest at each his thrust, sweating head to head, hands clenched, e scream with her, it was the experience harder of my life”.

«Certainly not comparable to yours, but thanks to Martina I had the opportunity to giveand all of myself always, until the last second, feeling not only frame, but essential element», Alessandro concludes, advising all couples the maximum share of such an important moment. “See that little head emerging from the water was wonderful not only thanks to Polly, but also thanks to how we got there».

Now for the new parents – who got married last February in front of very few intimate – the most difficult undertaking arrives: «We have to understand how not to spend all our time in contemplation».

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