Mask everywhere in Italy

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The government of Mario Draghi has chosen the path of gradual tightening of measures against the coronavirus. Mandatory mask everywhere but the MMMs remain overcrowded.

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From today, the mask is mandatory on all roads and in open spaces in general. At the same time, in buses, subways, theaters, cinemas, stadiums and museums, from now on citizens will have to wear masks of increased protection.

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Soon, their price can be reduced, with special state aid, especially for students, the unemployed and anyone with a low income. The press, of course, emphasizes that in the various cities, the means of transport continue to be overcrowded and that in the last two years, no substantial steps have been taken to strengthen them.

“New studies confirm this and that is why we insist on the basic importance of the mask, especially now, with this new variant that is more contagious,” said Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

About vaccines and certificates

At the same time, it was decided to reduce the duration of the green pass vaccinated, from nine to six months, and the possibility of giving the third dose of the vaccine four months after the second.

Despite differing initial intentions, the Draghi government has decided to ban outdoor festivals and discos until January 31st. Which means that the TV shows for the New Year, in various squares, will have to be made without an audience. The owners of the clubs that had sold tickets for the New Year’s Eve, are protesting strongly and declare that they will be financially ruined. It is not ruled out that new, extraordinary state support will be approved.

Finally, in cafes, restaurants and gyms everyone will now enter only with a vaccination certificate. In other words, the possibility of the unvaccinated to consume drinks and food “standing up” is eliminated.

And if these measures do not work in the new year, the next step will be the extension of compulsory vaccination, starting with the wider, public sector.

Theodoros Andreadis Siggelakis, Rome Mask everywhere in Italy

Source: Deutsche Welle


Source From: Capital

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