Masks, what changes from June 15th

Masks, what changes from June 15th

June 15th is the calendar date for the almost definitive farewell to masks. Certainly applies to the summer. From autumn we will see. Safety devices will no longer be needed in cinemas, theaters and indoor sporting events from this date. “There is still a reflection on the means of transport. For all other places the masks will be removed and there will no longer be the obligation but there will be a recommendation »explained the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa.

Cinema, theaters and sports

The only indoor places where the obligation to wear masks has remained in force so far are cinemas, theaters, concert halls as well as sports halls. It decays in these places, even if the recommendation remains everywhere to wear a mask in case of crowding.

Means of Transport

The question of means of transport remains open. Between buses and the subway, but also on trains and airplanes, the obligation could still be established, perhaps not with the Ffp2 as it is now. It will certainly remain a strong recommendation.


There is no obligation to wear a mask for those who go to vote. He wasn’t there for Sunday 12 June and he won’t be there for any ballots. The recommendation to wear them remains.


The maturity exams may not be done with the mask. “The school year formally starts again on September 1”, wrote the judges of the III section quater of the Lazio TAR, until that date the mask obligation remains. From the Ministry of Health, however, there are those who ask that the examination can be done without a mask and not just by removing it at the time of the oral interview.


For public workplaces the mask is strongly recommended, not mandatory. For private work there is a protocol signed by the companies: the protection is maintained when workers cannot be separated. Each company chooses the practice to be adopted.

Vaccination obligation

The vaccination obligation for over 50s expires on the same date, 15 June.


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Rsa and hospitals

It could remain the mask for workers, users and visitors of health, social-health and social-assistance facilities: long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospices, rehabilitation facilities and residential facilities for the elderly.

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