Massacre in DF: Police conclude investigation into the death of 10 people from the same family

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In a press conference held this Friday morning (27) in Brasilia, the Civil Police of the Federal District released the results of investigations into the death of 10 people from the same family.

According to investigators, the suspects are part of a criminal organization and had been planning the crime for at least three months. The farm used as a captive was rented for this purpose in October last year.

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Deputy Ricardo Viana, holder of the 6th Police Station in Paranoá, said that the crime was motivated by financial issues and a land dispute.

The prisoners are: Gideon Batista de Menezes, Horácio Carlos Ferreira Barbosa, Fabrício Silva Canhedo, Carlomam dos Santos Nogueira and Carlos Henrique Alves da Silva, known as “Galego”.

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A 17-year-old teenager was also arrested for participating in the crime. He confessed to having received about R$ 2,000 to help the group. Investigations pointed out that the minor acted by embarrassing the victims, but fled the scene because he would have been scared by the scenes he witnessed.

Those investigated were indicted for the crimes of robbery (robbery followed by death), corruption of minors, extortion through kidnapping qualified by the result of death, qualified homicide for base reasons and concealment of a corpse. Added together, the penalties can range from 190 to 340 years in prison.

Deputy Viana explained that two of the suspects – Horácio and Gideon – lived on the same farm as part of the murdered family and knew that the property was valued at R$2 million. The idea of ​​the criminals would be to kill the family to have possession of the property for sale. The police are investigating whether there was already a potential buyer for the property.

The farm belonged to Marcos Antônio Lopes de Oliveira, who was found dead and dismembered on the land of the property that was used by the criminals as a prison for the victims.

Still according to the investigations, Cláudia Regina Marques de Oliveira – ex-wife of Marcos Antônio – had received 200 thousand reais for the sale of a house. Part of the amount would have been paid in cash.

The police found that all the dead were lured to the farm. And they were forced to pass personal data and bank information to criminals, in addition to providing credit cards and passwords.

Horacio and Gideon pretended to be victims in captivity and stayed with the family, so as not to arouse suspicion.

For the police, this is one of the most emblematic cases investigated by the civil police of the Federal District in its entire history.

According to Ricardo Viana, “These people were killed in different ways and with extreme cruelty. (…) I had that hope of arriving and finding these people alive. There we saw the cruelty that these people were armed with to commit these crimes. It was something never seen in the scope of this judicial police”,


Investigations began on January 12 after the disappearance of hairdresser Elizamar Silva, 39, and her three children: Rafael and Rafaela, 6, and Gabriel, 7. The following day, Elizamar’s car was found charred in a highway in Cristalina-GO, with four bodies. The identity of Elizamar and the children was confirmed by the IML of Goiás.

Also on Friday (13), Elizamar’s husband, Thiago Gabriel Belchior, aged 30, his father – Marcos Antonio de Oliveira, mother Renata Belchior and sister, Gabriela Belchior, were reported missing.

Already on Saturday (14), the family car was found charred in Unaí (MG). The bodies of Thiago’s mother and sister were inside the vehicle and were identified by the IML of Minas Gerais.

Marcos Antônio’s body was found on Wednesday, the 18th, buried and quartered in the farm used as captivity.

On the 24th, the police found the bodies of Thiago, his father’s ex-wife, Cláudia Regina Marques, and her daughter, Ana Beatriz Marques, aged 19, at the bottom of a cistern, in an abandoned property, 5km from captivity.

Source: CNN Brasil

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