Massacre of Erba, the survivor’s lawyer died. Azouz’s lawyer: “Let it be clear”

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“I hope it becomes clear soon. He was a colleague and a person, as such he regrets and mourns his death ». Like this Luca D’Aurialawyer of Azouz Marzouk, comment on the news of the death of colleague Manuel Gabrielli, the lawyer who assisted Mario Frigerio, the only survivor of the grass massacreand died a few years later.

was theDecember 11, 2006 when the firefighters were called to put out the fire that broke out in an apartment in via Diaz in Erba and discovered that behind those flames were the bodies of four people killed. It was the family of Azouz Marzouk: his son Youssef Marzouk just over 2 years old, his wife Raffaella Castagna, Paola Galli and the neighbor Valeria Cherubini.

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Manuel Gabrielli, a well-known and esteemed lawyer of the Monza Court, was 47 years old. He was found lifeless by his wife in the garage of their home in Novedrate (Como), on the evening of Friday 6 January. «I met my colleague when I assumed Azouz’s mandate after the Cassation sentence, at the moment in which Azouz definitively decided to change his perspective: that is, that Rosa Bazzi and Olindo Romano are innocent. Today again we are evaluating whether or not to reopen the matter, even though Azouz expressed his doubts at first. Then during the first and second grade he returned to his first initial ideas ».

Shortly after the news of Gabrielli’s death came out, the lawyer D’Auria was contacted by his client. «It was a touching call because he was really struck by the event, he asked me if I knew anything more but I don’t know anything. A shiver ran down his spine because with the lawyer Gabrielli, Azouz lived the trial as a victim, so I can understand all of this. I humanly trust that clarity can be made as soon as possible, that it is, as we all think, a terrible but natural eventthis for his companion and her relatives, to whom in the name of Azouz I join in a greeting and condolences».

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From prison, in the first days of January, Olindo Romano, sentenced to life imprisonment like his wife, returned to reaffirm his innocence and that of his wife, saying they had been accused “because they were really awake” and asking to reopen the drug dealing trail . «I don’t know why the trail of the was not investigated drug dealing», he told Adnkronos. “I still think it was easier to frame two people like us who are not very awake and unaware of what was coming upon us.”

«I don’t see the possibility of any connection between the events.”, underlines the lawyer D’Auria. «My colleague Gabrielli was a staunch defender of the memory of his client Mario Frigerio with respect to the fact that Olindo had been his attacker. I remain a staunch supporter that that ruling is wrong and that I hope it can be reversed. Azouz tried recently, was tried for slander and was acquitted.”

The body of the lawyer Gabrielli will be subjected to an autopsy to establish the cause of death. «Unfortunately, once again this story mourns a person, the many who left that tragic night and who left after. This is always regrettable, even more so when one hoped to be able to write a different page of that story. As defense of Azouz we are waiting to verify if there will be new developments and willing to support any initiatives and paths that may open up».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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