MasterChef 10, the winner is Francesco Aquila

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Francesco Aquila wins MasterChef 10. Thirty-four years old maître and room teacher, from Puglia, (although he lives in Bellaria-Igea Marina), was proclaimed by the judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Giorgio Locatelli at the end of a very heated final. For the winner of the Sky cooking show, 100mila euro in gettori d’oro and the ability to publish your first recipe book with Baldini & Castoldi.

Aquila passed in the grand final Irene Volpe, 22 year old from Rome with a degree in design, e Antonio Colasanto, 25 years old PhD student in food chemistry from Novara.

Fourth classified Monir Eddardary, 29 years old of Moroccan origins and living in Bevagna (Perugia), eliminated during the first episode of the evening, a Skill Test that hosted the chef Chicco Cerea, three Michelin stars with the restaurant “da Vittorio” in Brusaporto (Bergamo), and the number one chef in the world in the “50 Best Restaurants” ranking, Mauro Colagreco, three Michelin stars with his “Mirazur” in Menton.

Before joining MasterChef, Aquila had declared that he had a dream: to open a chain of restaurants, to become an example for his parents, from whom he learned the value of work, and for his daughter, born of a relationship that has now ended. During the grand final, the three finalists presented their own complete menu. Aquila’s was called My Way, who said: «Life is divided into three times: the past, the present and the future. These, even if apparently different, have one thing in common: the time, which I have always tried not to lose, in family and in love and above all in my realization ». The winner’s menu included an appetizer “Ready table”: Cardoncelli mushrooms, stracciatella, borage, bread, crusco pepper, oregano and Apulian gazpacho sphere; the first “The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria”, Gyoza with tuna belly, ‘nduja and fennel, with purple potato cream, black garlic and turnip greens; The second one “Window on the dream n’capriata in Wagyu”, Wagyu fillet in different consistencies, with vanilla beans, chicory, chicory, burnt leek, sprouts and flowers; the dessert “Scarcedda n’uovo”, A scarcedda – typical Apulian dessert of the Easter period – with coconut with fake Malibu egg and exotic fruits.

Irene Volpe he conquered the public with an enormous talent especially in pastry. At home it has three mother yeasts. Tonight he presented his “Crazy menu”, Which he later described as:« An introspection in my crazy, colorful, multifaceted mind, full of so many Irene that make me what I am: Irene. Thanks to MasterChef Italia I rediscovered the passion within me, learning to accept it, and I started experimenting with an instinctive cuisine without limits, without canons, making my creativity fully blossom ».

Also on the podium Antonio Colasanto. His interest in cooking stems from a passion for fishing, which he has practiced since childhood with his father. The menu of the 25-year-old PhD student in food chemistry from Novara was entitled “The journey within me”, And was presented starting from a famous quote by Marcel Proust:« The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes ».

“I’ll go back to my winning daughter. It is a great satisfaction “, the words of Aquila.

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