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Matilda De Angelis

This article was published in n. 49 of 12/14/2016 and we propose it again today to retrace the changes of which Vanity has been the protagonist in the last 20. Here are all the articles we are republishingor

In the past, the immediate past, not the remote past – in those years when parents were still the Word and pocket money didn’t exist – children gave mum and dad the first money they earned. Absurd? I don’t know. It was done, at least that’s what the grandparents say with a hint of regret. It is with great surprise, with a bit of parental envy even, that by interviewing the very cute, talented, very emerging young actress and musician Matilda De Angelis, born in 1995 and therefore 21 years old, we learned that both she and her brother Tobia (16 years old , a student in good standing with his studies but also an actor and also an oboe player) contribute to the family budget by living in Rome and their parents in Bologna. And that it seems perfectly normal to him as well as right, as Matilda will explain.
Bolognese, cat-like green eyes, pin-up physique therefore very suitable for realizing the dream of a musical biopic on a talented and misunderstood singer of the Fifties Bolognese, cat-like green eyes, pin-up physique therefore very suitable for realizing the dream of a musical biopic on a talented and misunderstood singer from the Fifties, De Angelis is the godmother of the RomaFictionFest.
On TV, he made his debut last year with Anything could happen in the role of Ambra, while her brother Tobia is also her brother on screen (Denis), both “sons” of Maya Sansa who is Sara. Roles also confirmed for the second series, on Raiuno in a few months.
At the cinema, the debut in Fast as the wind by Matteo Rovere Stefano Accorsi was awarded last July at the Taormina Film Fest, while his second attempt will be the protagonist in Youtopia by Berardo Carboni, to be released in 2017. Unfortunately for all aspiring actors attending acting schools, Matilda became an actress “by chance”.

By chance in what sense?
«I was finishing high school. One Friday afternoon, while I was rehearsing with my band at the time, Rumba De Bodas, a friend of mine sent me a text message to tell me that in Bologna they were holding auditions for Fast as the wind. I didn’t think about going, but when I got home my mother jumped: “You told him you were going, right? They’ll get you, I’m sure.”

Does he always do this?
«My parents are our first supporters, people full of energy, open, creative, especially a mother who loves acting, even if in life she works as an insurance agent and isn’t good in front of the public. She always told me that positive energy attracts positive things, that believing in it rewards you. Well, I guess that’s true, and they got me anyway.”

From the benches to the set the leap is notable.
«Yes, but it must be said that I am a musician, I have been making my music since I was 6 years old: I am used to dealing with emotions and bringing them to the stage without fear. At 16 I announced that in the summer I would go to Europe with my group – me plus seven boys – in a yellow van. The second concert of my life I did in Brixton. Of course, you also have to be self-centered.”

Aren’t you afraid of exposing yourself even in your private life?
«You shouldn’t be afraid to say I love you. I did it because I don’t like waiting: it’s the boy who has to take the first step, but if he doesn’t move I give him a wake-up call – an input, let’s say. I think that men and women have the same power and the same roles, I grew up in an open, liberal family.”

Do you still feel like a daughter?
«Uhhh! My mother is fantastic, she is my friend and more.”

Do you feel financially independent?
«Playing around, I stopped asking my parents for money at 16. Then since I’ve been an actress I also give financial help, because if you can help you help. My parents are straightforward and old-fashioned people, the concept has always been: if you live here, help out, this is what you spend in a month. It’s a great school, you learn to walk on your own. Mum is a “military”, she teaches us how to do things, explains them once and off we go. I have known perfectly for years how to make a transfer.”

I bet he doesn’t like shopping.
«I grew up in a humble family, which gives money its exact importance, that is, that it comes after many other values. I think they are a scary thing, that you have to be careful. If I go to a shop and see an item that costs 100 euros I have a hard time buying it: what do I do with yet another red sweater?”.

There will be a temptation that he cannot resist.
«I bought my first acoustic guitar spending 62 euros, the second a little more and that’s fine, yes, for the third I went crazy. It’s a Martin, it costs 3,100 euros, it has a wonderful sound. When I was at the checkout I was crying. I called dad and he said: “Great! Well done Matilda.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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