Matteo Berrettini, tennis and love with his girlfriend Ajla Tomljanovic

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«To me the obverse, to you the reverse. I have the service, you have the answer. ” The tender analysis of Matteo Berrettini triggers the smile of the girlfriend, Ajla Tomljanovic, she is also a tennis player. “We often train togetherShe recalled during a double interview for Sky Sport. “When we both manage to express a high level of play, then good sessions come out. But sometimes it happens that do not end well».

Now is Matteo to smile. The Roman talent, class 1995 It’s new number 8 of the world, has reached the Wimbledon semifinals, an undertaking that an Italian could not do well sixty-one years. Ajla, Croatian but naturalized new Zealander, two years older than her partner e Top 50 of the ranking, it stopped in the quarter-finals, but it is nonetheless very satisfied since it never went so on in uno Slam.

“For me it’s ten times more stressful see his matches than playing my games “, Matteo joked to the microphones of theATP. «Even worse when they are on the pitch at the same time Ajla and my brother Jacopo (two years younger). Here, when it happens they are the most stressed man in the world“. This time, however, in the stands of the Court Central she’ll be there to cheer on her boyfriend. “In what language? In English, obviously”.

«In English I am poor, I pretend to understand it but then I attack a to speak Italian. I use it especially when we fight», Berrettini revealed,« for this Ajla knows all bad language“. But not only those: «I’m learning the language because I like it, I find it a lot romantic“. A passion that – as understandable as it may be – also extends to kitchen: «I love pasta cheese and pepper, or the garlic, oil and chilli pepper ».

Understanding at the table, battles (affectionate) on the pitch: «We play games where it prevents me from use the forehand and the back, basically I can only use the reverse»He said again the blue in love. “So we fight, it is true, but in the end we fight in any case”. Competitiveness to the max, that’s why maybe one day they could join the team together: “A mixed doubles? Who knows, maybe we will try soon ».

Just like Jimmy Connors e Chris Evert in the seventies: the two tennis legends had plans to to get married, but the marriage broke up at the last moment. “Let’s hope our relationship ends better than theirs», Concluded Matteo, who has been a steady couple with Ajla since 2019.« Although, it must be said, we would like to win trophies who have won them »And the conditions to take off great satisfactions they are all there.

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