Matteo Messina Denaro case, his daughter Lorenza Alagna speaks: “I have never denied my father”

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Almost a week after the arrest of Matthew Messina Money, Lorenza Alagna, natural daughter of the Cosa Nostra boss, was at the center of media attention to understand how she would behave. In the first stories of press agencies and newspapers it was reported that Alagna would have been protected by the emotional belt of the family, of her partner Nino and of her closest friends, and that she would have confided in her relatives that she no longer wanted to see her father her. A statement, the latter, which does not coincide with the one reported by her lawyer Franco Lo Sciuto. «I’ve never denied my father and I’ve never said I won’t visit him in prison», was the message delivered in the press.

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«Following the arrest of Messina Denaro Matteo, the mass media uproar that was triggered did not spare his daughter, Lorenza Alagna – reads a note from the lawyer -. Since the days immediately following the arrest and with an ever more incessant and insistent rhythm, news deprived of any foundation has been disseminated through the national media and online dissemination, concerning an alleged manifestation of will on the part of Lorenza Alagna aimed at denying any contact with her father”.

Mafia: Matteo Messina Denaro. (Pisa – 2015-10-08, Roberto Cappello)Roberto Cappello /
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Because of this “categorically denies it everything that was posted falsely, given that the daughter has never released any statement that could lead one to believe the existence of her will to renounce any contact with her father after the arrest, with the dutiful clarification that there has never, ever been contact with the father since the birth”. Until 2013, Lorenza Alagna lived in her paternal grandmother’s house with her mother, then together they decided to go and live elsewhere. In the messages sent to a mayor, Matteo Messina Denaro would have told of her displeasure at not being able to meet her daughter.

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