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Matteus asks Isabelle's mother for permission after BBB 24

The couple Matthew It is Isabelle graduated in the final stretch of Big Brother Brasil 2024 (BBB 24). Even so, it seems like they should continue their romance outside of the house.

Davi was the big winner of the night, after receiving 60.52% of the votes. Matteus came in second place and Isabelle, third.

After leaving the house, however, the two were seen kissing.

The two even participated together in the Bate-Papo, traditional after the reality show. During the scene, Isabelle's mother appears via video call, so Matteus took the opportunity to make a request to her.

“If you let me know, I could be closer to your daughter,” said Matteus, to which Isabelle’s mother replied: “Oh, my God!”

“Because I think this is very important… we have a lot to talk about out here, it’s obvious, because we have a life that we don’t even know about here,” continued the runner-up on BBB 24. “But, for sure… imagine this cunhã-poranga by my side.”

“Is it dating?” asked the presenters. “We’re going to talk”, replied Matteus.

“We’re going to talk, there’s still a lot to come together”, said Isabelle. “Matthew is a prince, he is an incredible person.”

“He won me over and I confess that I’m not easy to be won over like that”, he concluded.

Check out the moment:

Source: CNN Brasil

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