Matthew Perry and girlfriend Molly Hurwitz, it’s goodbye (one step away from the wedding)

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She is “The best woman on the planet”. With these words, last November, the 51-year-old Matthew Perry, unforgettable Chandler’s Friends, he explained to People because he had asked the bride the literary manager Molly Hurwitz, twenty-three years younger than him. A handful of months, and we learn, always since People, that there will be no wedding. Matthew revealed to the American magazine that his love story has come to an end: “Sometimes things don’t work out. I wish Molly the best».

The actor, who was engaged to Julia Roberts in 1995, has been partnering with Molly since 2018. The two broke up in May 2019, but then they got back together stronger than before, so much so that they announced the official engagement. Now, however, the news of the breakup.

Arrived just a few days after the highly anticipated reunion di Friends, which saw Perry return on video along with other former co-stars of the 90s sitcom. The actor in the special appeared to many fatigued, tired out, almost absent. He’s probably having some trouble getting out from alcohol and drug addiction which he also mentioned in the reunion of Friends and of which in the past he spoke without filters.

For example, in a 2015 interview with Daily Mail had declared: «I have been in Friends from 24 to 34, we were everywhere. I am a private person, acting in a TV series with 30 million viewers has changed my life. I saw a refuge inalcohol, abusing it. Then when I got into an accident on a jet ski I started taking a painkiller, the Vicodin. A new addiction. And sometimes I’ve used some too narcotic substances“. Then, in 2016, the BBC Radio 2, the actor had confessed: “Because of my addictions I don’t remember three seasons of Friends».

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