Advisor to the President of El Salvador, Max Kaiser, suggested that rumors about Qatar’s interest in investing about $500 billion in bitcoins have spurred the cryptocurrency market.

Popular Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser shared with subscribers of his channel on X (formerly Twitter) a forecast about a possible explosive growth in the value of the first cryptocurrency by capitalization. According to the expert, in the near future the military-technical cooperation may surpass the $150,000 mark and go further.

Kaiser said that according to unconfirmed rumors, the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar is preparing to enter the crypto market with colossal investments and invest up to $500 billion in military-technical cooperation.

“This will be a seismic shift in the cryptocurrency landscape, with one of the world’s most significant sovereign wealth funds potentially poised to back Bitcoin,” Kaiser said.

He noted that according to his observations, many large financial institutions such as Blackrock, Fidelity, Ameritrade, Bakkt, JP Morgan and others are preparing to launch crypto products, which may entice institutional investors such as hedge funds, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. invest in crypto assets.

However, not all crypto experts are confident in such rosy prospects for the growth of the value of BTC and strongly recommend that investors and crypto enthusiasts treat the news with cautious optimism, since the cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and unpredictability.

In particular, one of the main public cryptoskeptics, Peter Schiff, is confident that the speculative frenzy around BTC will soon end, and its collapse will become more impressive than its growth.