Adviser to the President of El Salvador, Max Kaiser believes that the world is only a few steps away from a global economic disaster that could unfold over the next few months.

Max Keiser, entrepreneur and TV presenter of RT’s Keizer Report financial program, said that the collapse of the fiat money system, as well as rampant inflation, will allow digital assets such as bitcoin to play a leading role in the financial future of many countries. .

Kaiser argues, using the example of Argentina and Lebanon, that the collapse of systems built on the basis of traditional paper money clearly indicates a dire situation. In many respects, the deterioration of the global financial situation was influenced by the failed promises of economic growth in the United States, where interest on public debt has already exceeded the military budget. The expert noted that, in combination, this led to excessive printing of money, misallocation of investments and the disappearance of trillions of dollars.

The entrepreneur believes that as the end of 2023 approaches, the quality of life may deteriorate significantly as governments are unable to offer any viable solutions. The world therefore faces two bleak future possibilities: hyperinflation or a deflationary depression.

Kaiser drew the attention of RT viewers that politicians, including US presidential candidates, are starting to openly discuss blockchain and Bitcoin as part of a potential exit from the crisis. The Keizer Report host predicts that moving to the Bitcoin standard may be the only option to deal with a wave of bankruptcies and dubious accounting practices.