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Max Pezzali meets Max Pezzali from 30 years ago

Those were the times of How comeOf You’re a mythOf North South West East. The first successes of 883destined to become one in record time national popular flagled by the frontman Max Pezzali. Which continued to grind out hits too solo, covering a span of over three decades, between fun and a little bit of nostalgia. Who knows what the current Pezzali would say to the debuting Pezzali, many will have wondered.

A time travel, today made possible bygenerative artificial intelligence. In the new campaign of Sky Glass – the latest generation TV that integrates the contents of Sky, streaming apps and free-to-air channels into a single interface – the iconic singer-songwriter finds himself in front of his alter ego of the years Ninetyreconstructed through the creative use of deepfake and positioned next to the Current max.

Max Pezzali meets Max Pezzali in the new Sky Glass campaign

Between jokes and references to 883 songs, the new advertising campaign stages a generational comparison: the 55-year-old singer returns home and turns on his Sky Glass with the voice commandthen exclaims with satisfaction: «A TV like this, When I was young I dreamed of it». A phrase that activates a flashbackin which the young Pezzali gets nervous about a VHS that doesn’t work: «What would I give to see the TV of the future». Said and done, he is catapulted into the present and finds himself face to face with himself, thirty years older.

«Thanks to Sky I lived a unique experience», commented the artist, brand ambassador of the media company and reference point for the Sky Original series They Killed Spider-Man – The True Story of the 883. «I found myself talking to a very good actorwho studied my every movement and every expression of mine footage of the time. My face was then “sewn” onto him elaborate by artificial intelligence.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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