Maximou is considering new measures for accuracy

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By Dimitris Gatsios

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Closing once again in the most clear and unequivocal way the scenario of early recourse to the ballot box (I have pledged that we will exhaust the four years because I consider this to be institutionally correct and imperative, he said), Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues to shape the framework of government strategy to tackle the dual crisis on the country horizon. That of the pandemic virus and accuracy.

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And if on the COVID-19 front the assessments of the government and experts tend towards the optimistic scenario of de-escalation in the coming weeks, the price and energy front still demands not only interventions, but also support measures, as it directly affects the budget. thousands of households and businesses. “We will not leave anyone unprotected”, is the message that is sent to the public positions, with the escalation of the shielding actions of the citizens, and especially of the vulnerable groups, going step by step. Accuracy, as expected, will be the maximum field of political controversy in the coming period, it will judge, at a high rate, the … DNA of government efficiency, with the prime minister taking the initiative of new moves.

The horizon of May 1

With the duration of the sharp wave of accuracy being the unknown “X” of the equation and turning into a horizontal problem affecting every family, which … now opens inflated accounts, the prime minister “fired” earlier his expressed position for double increase of the minimum wage within 2022. The new increase will … run from May 1, with Mr. Mitsotakis characterizing it even more important than the 2% that employees saw from the first day of the year. “We fully recognize the need to support the income of our weakest fellow citizens as soon as possible. I stress as soon as possible, because there is a legislative European process for raising the minimum wage, which takes two to three months to complete. “What I can also say is that I estimate that the increase in the minimum wage will be significant, it will be much greater than the 2% increase that employees have seen since January 1, 2022”, was his characteristic disgust in the interview that granted to ANT1.

The process for the second increase of the minimum wage will be started immediately by the Ministry of Labor. And at the … end of the course the government hopes to … lay another decompression mat in the shocks of price increases. This is because the beneficiaries of the minimum wage in Greece are estimated to be around 650,000. But they are not the only ones. The increase affects, respectively, the wage of the unskilled worker, but also a number of benefits, such as that of motherhood. This is, therefore, a move that is highly focused on social groups that have lower incomes and, as expected, are more strongly affected by the effects of rising inflation in their daily lives.

And other support moves

With the second increase of the minimum wage and the “package” for the support of households, businesses and farmers on the energy front, Megaro Maximou seeks to … build a pressure management building. At the same time, Kyriakos Mitsotakis keeps the … door open regarding the possibility of new tax cuts. “The policy of tax reduction has not been completed yet. The new ENFIA will be announced in the coming months. We estimate that for most of our fellow citizens there will be a further reduction … Beyond that, we still have pending the reduction “80% of the tax cuts, for which we had committed, have already been implemented. But there is still a part that will be implemented, I estimate, before the elections,” said the prime minister.

In addition, the government is activating the next phase of support in catering and entertainment. In the branches, that is, which have been put into a vortex again, thanks to the measures in force before the New Year for the interception of the Omicron strain. The extension of the temporary suspensions of workers with special purpose compensation until January 31st shows that the restrictions, which have already been extended by one week, will … last until the end of the month, while the first goal, as executives point out, is protection of jobs. “We are here to intervene whenever and however necessary. We have proven this in the past. We have never left anyone alone. The same will happen now,” commentators.

“We will run out of four years”

The prime minister’s double “no” in early elections and government reshuffle was said at a time when announcements about the minimum wage and ongoing support interventions could be … read by some as ballot boxes.

“Because I believe that things will get better and because I am absolutely convinced that the economy will recover and, God willing, we will have finished the pandemic earlier, I have no hesitation in saying that we want to run out of four years,” she said. Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s answer, which constantly shows the way of project production and the promotion of reforms.

In this context, however, unnoticed phenomena can not pass … multilingualism, which have increased recently with public differentiations of government officials on critical issues. Like the pandemic and accuracy. If nothing else, this image not only creates confusion in public opinion, but becomes a field of criticism by the opposition, causing … cracks in the profile.

According to information, there is discomfort in the Maximos Palace for the phenomena that … blur the single line. “The government is expressed in a clear way, it is expressed through the government representative”, interjected the Minister of State, George Gerapetritis … ringing bells. Or, as Kyriakos Mitsotakis has repeatedly stressed, “a few words and a lot of work”.

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