Maximou: Mr. Tsipras essentially asks us to follow the tactics of Turkey

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In today’s interview of Mr. Tsipras it was very obvious that he is unable to understand or admit the obvious, says in a statement the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou commenting on Today’s statements by the leader of the Official Opposition.

“In contrast to the tragic level of international representation during his tenure, Greece is now a significant regional power with a significant role in the world that changed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was most emphatically confirmed in the Prime Minister’s visit in the USA, which caused a global sensation “, says Mr. Oikonomou and adds:

“Mr. Tsipras did not understand what even the Turks admitted: that the Prime Minister with his positions and the way he raised the issues, significantly strengthened the Greek positions. Mr. Tsipras essentially asks the Prime Minister to follow the Turkish tactics ”

On the issue of accuracy, Mr. Economou noted that it is a “global problem”, adding that “Mr. Tsipras is the only politician on the planet who has an easy solution to everything. He has a law and an article ready to exorcise it. ”


Source: Capital

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