Mayor of Miami: “we intend to become the world capital of cryptocurrencies”


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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez plans to create favorable conditions in the city for the use of cryptocurrencies and the development of startups.

Francis Suarez said this in an interview with the creators of the Gemini exchange – Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. At the meeting, they discussed the development of bitcoin and blockchain, the future of the cryptocurrency industry and its regulation.

Previously, Suarez called Bitcoin one of the most stable investments in the current economic environment. The Mayor of Miami also stated that his mission is to make Miami “the most competitive city on the planet for cryptocurrencies.” The Winklevoss brothers supported his efforts.

“Many Miami residents have families overseas. To transfer money to them, Miami residents have to pay large commissions. Using cryptocurrencies is the same as sending an email message. It’s free and fast, ”said Tyler Winklevoss.

Suarez said Miami has always been known as a financial and banking center. Therefore, it makes sense to make this city a “hotbed of technological innovation” by developing cryptocurrencies. Miami is slightly behind New York in this area, but can be quickly caught up with some effort. In addition, Suarez is exploring the possibility of using cryptocurrencies for Miami residents to pay property taxes and other city fees.

“We’re not going to be another Silicon Valley or New York. But Miami should be not only a financial center, but also a cryptocurrency center. We want everyone who shares our ideas to come here and develop their projects, ”said the Mayor of Miami.

Earlier, Cameron Winklevoss said that the opponents of cryptocurrencies are “madmen sitting on the fence,” while the future of finance is being created with the help of crypto assets.

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