McDonald’s employee video saying he gives customers ‘half-eaten’ burgers

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The revelation of an employee in the big internet community has caused shock McDonald’s that it serves “half-eaten” burgers to customers, “fake” eggs and “spoiled” food on purpose.

The anonymous employee uploaded the material to TikTok and went viral immediately, with millions of views. People called him “the worst employee of all time”, as he deliberately sabotaged the food, spoiling the burgers with a lot of sauce and large amounts of pickle.

The TikTok user, who is believed to be American and signs as @ mikky.d0, has uploaded several videos since February with what he does in a store of the well-known chain fast food.

In one of them, he prepares a burger and a piece is missing from the burger. In the video he writes “we were a little hungry”.

In another video, we see his colleagues throwing tons of pickles at a burger that the customer asked for “extra pickles”. They do the same at a customer request for “more sauce”, they bathe the burger in the sauce.

People appear disgusted by their attitude, wanting to know if other fast food employees do the same.

A British McDonald’s spokesman said: “To be clear, this video is not from England and Ireland, it appears to be from the US.”

McDonald’s of America confirmed that they are investigating the incident, as the preparation of the food does not comply with “the quality and safety standards” set by the chain.

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