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Measures toughened in Germany: Access to work and MMM with vaccination-disease certificate or negative test

Measures toughened in Germany: Access to work and MMM with vaccination-disease certificate or negative test

The majority of the parties of the possible future governing coalition – the Socialist Party (SPD), the Greens and the Liberals (FDP) – approved the changes in its legislation a few hours ago. Germany for protection from coronavirus. The Christian Union (CDU / CSU) has already announced, however, that it will try to block the implementation of the new measures tomorrow, in the Federal Council.

According to the new regulations, o 3G rule (for access to those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from the disease and those who have a recent negative test) is widespread throughout the country for attendance at workplaces, but also for the use of public transport.

The same rule will apply to employees and visitors to nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, broadcasts by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

The “national epidemic situation”, which is the legal framework for emergency decision-making by the government, ends on November 25 and the “traffic light” parties decided not to extend it.

The Vice-President of the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Group Torsten Fry He accused the three parties of leading the country in the wrong direction in the fight against the pandemic and called the decision to end the epidemic situation “irresponsible”. The plans of the “traffic light” do not correspond to the drama of the situation, said the other vice-president of K.O. Stefan Strake.

From the FDP side, the Marco Bushman rejected the criticism, arguing that very strong measures are being taken on a secure legal basis.

According to the three parties, restricting traffic, banning events and closing restaurants, businesses or schools should no longer be allowed. On the contrary, some exceptions or restrictions remain possible in the recreation, culture and sports sectors, but only if they are approved by the state parliaments.

Tomorrow the decision will have to be approved by the Federal Council, in which the Christian Union controls the governments of eight of the 16 states and, according to statements by its executives, will attempt to blocks the relevant decision.

At 14:00 (local time) the caretaker Chancellor will meet with the Prime Ministers of the states, with the participation of the possible future Chancellor Olaf Solts, in order to coordinate their efforts to stem the pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday the lady Merkel stated that this meeting was taking place “with excessive delayAnd opposed the lifting of the epidemic situation.

He asked to be put case limit and hospital admissions as a reference point for stricter measures.

In the meantime, one state after another imposes stricter restrictions for the unvaccinated, while the Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretsmer, under the weight of the outbreak of the cases and the overcrowding of the state hospitals, has drawn up a plan for universal three-week lockdown, from December 15 to January 5.

It is pointed out that, in view of the new measures, they were carried out in Germany 500,000 vaccinations.

“Line” of Austria and the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Earlier on Thursday, the Czech government approved plans to allow access to restaurants, hotels and other services from Monday only to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered from the disease in the last six months, Prime Minister Andrei Babis has announced.

The government had announced the new measures this week, as the country struggles to deal with outburst in COVID-19 cases and is trying to increase vaccination rates among its 10.7 million inhabitants.

The state will also demand diagnostic tests COVID-19 to companies under the new measures, which are similar to those in force earlier this year during the last major wave of the pandemic.

The country had a record number of Tuesday the day before yesterday 22.511 cases. Hospitals are filling up, although the number of patients is approx 4.500, is almost half of the highs recorded in March.

The vaccination rate in the country is below the European average, with 58% of the total population to be immunized, Reuters reports.

At the same time, the Slovakia will impose stricter measures on the unvaccinated amid rising cases and hospitalizations that are putting pressure on the healthcare system, Prime Minister Edward Heger announced today.

«This is a lockdown for the unvaccinatedHeger said in a press conference broadcast live on television.