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MEC defends accountability for students who simulated masturbation in a university game in SP

The Minister of Education classified as disgusting the attitude of the students who were naked and simulated masturbation during a women’s volleyball match, in São Carlos, in the interior of São Paulo.

During an event in São Paulo, this Tuesday (19), Camilo Santana stated that President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) expressed concern about holding those involved accountable. Videos of the situation went viral last weekend.

“I don’t know how it took so long for this fact, which happened in April, to become public. In fact, the president called me from New York worried about this episode.

We are taking appropriate measures. Despite the university taking the decision to expel them, they must be held accountable. We cannot imagine a young person with this type of attitude, especially a young person who wants to be a doctor in this country,” he said during a meeting of journalists at the 7th International Congress of Education Journalism.

Despite the institution where the student’s attitude occurred being private, the MEC has the role of regulating all Brazilian education. Therefore, the ministry notified the institution. According to Camilo Santana, the university responded that six students were expelled.

High school

During the meeting, Camilo Santana informed that this month the government will forward a bill to Congress that establishes a savings scholarship for young students. The value is not yet defined. “The idea is not to lose any students. This scholarship is a policy to encourage young people”, he defended. The proposal would condition the payment of a scholarship on students remaining in high school.

Other measures in the area of ​​Education are expected for this semester. According to the minister, upon Lula’s return to Brazil, the ministry will forward the proposal on the new secondary education. Santana stated that the text is ready and foresees the return of 2 thousand 400 hours of the common curricular base with the option of technical education.

For months now, the MEC has promised to send this project to Congress. Based on a public consultation, the government identified that 80% of young people interviewed want vocational technical education.

On the other hand, the minister stated that the government will not change the rules of the National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM), until 2024. The discussion will be left for the next National Education Program (PNE).

Source: CNN Brasil

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