Media Station X 0.1.148

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Media Station X is a cross-platform web application for creating customized media pages (consisting of video, audio, images, texts and links). It does not contain any content and is a so-called white label application. You can either create your own content or discover other people’s existing and shared content. All content is written in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format with a simple and convenient structure. The generated JSON files can be hosted on any HTTP server that supports CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

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  • Create simple or complex media pages.
  • Easily navigate through media pages using a remote control or pointer.
  • Play multiple videos/audios in a playlist.
  • Show multiple images in a slideshow.
  • While watching video or listening to audio, browse other media at the same time (video/audio continues in the background).
  • Open links in full screen mode.

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