Media: The Eternals are the weakest Marvel movie fans will definitely love

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Very soon, on November 8, a new Marvel film entitled “The Eternals” will be released in Russian cinemas, directed by Chloe Zhao, the Oscar winner for the film “The Land of the Nomads”. Naturally, film critics were given the opportunity to watch this picture in advance so that they could write their reviews and rate the film, but in fact it turned out that expecting something incredible is still not worth it – so far, critics of the world of cinema agree that this is the weakest project of Marvel that will appeal exclusively to fans of the universe. At the moment, the Metacritic score is only 58 points, which is really not enough for a film studio’s releases.

Firstly, critics believe that for the first time Marvel failed to find suitable actors for all key roles – some characters, according to experts, look a little alien and out of place in their images. Secondly, the director paid too little attention to some of the secondary characters – they are practically not revealed, although they have impressive potential. Thirdly, journalists complain about too many details that literally fly by in front of the viewer’s eyes without any weight – there are a lot of heroes in The Eternals, locations and events are constantly changing, the lore is described for a rather impressive period of time.

And, fourthly, film critics were expecting something new, unusual and surprising from the Oscar winner, but in fact the film “The Eternals” turned out to be a completely standard blockbuster in the style of Marvel, with standard superhero speeches, rare notes of humor, an expected ending, bright rich battles and a beautiful picture with “expensive” actors. Accordingly, film critics say that fans who have previously watched 25 MCU films will definitely like the new picture, but if the viewer is not familiar with the MCU, then he will quickly get tired of the abundance of characters and events that he will not understand.

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