Medical Correspondent: Learn How A Genius’ Brain Works

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In this Friday (5)’s edition of the Medical Correspondent board, of Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes explained how the brain of geniuses works — people with above-average intelligence.

This is the case of Gustavo Saldanha, 8 years old, a small Brazilian who joined Mensa International, a group of people with high IQ, and popularly known as a “club for geniuses”.

Physically, Gomes stated that the brains of people with high IQ (intelligence quotient) do not differ from those with an average IQ.

“Many times the connections can be more efficient and, above all, the work of specific neurons to deliver a task ends up being much faster, but the weights are equal for both, for example”, he explained. “However, we know that there is a mainly functional difference.”

According to the doctor, the main distinguishing characteristics of people with high IQ are in the subcortical connections. “It’s the axioms that communicate different parts of the brain, which end up being privileged, and can offer the individual an above-average mental capacity — that’s when you have a ‘high IQ’”, he said.

“The IQ, the intelligence quotient, is obtained from several tests applied by neuropsychology, in which you have a feedback on what you expect a person of that age to respond. Based on that, you compare yourself and see that that person scores much more on those tests than another person [da mesma faixa etária]”, continued Gomes.

“In other words, an 8-year-old child is expected to have such a response pattern, but if he responds faster and with a much higher hit rate, by comparing the practical exam, it is possible to measure this number, which, via as a rule, it is associated with high skill”, explained Fernando Gomes.

(Posted by: André Rigue)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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