Medicilio, there is a new service to request exams and hospital visits directly at home

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An x-ray, an electrocardiogram, a dermatological examination and even a dental check-up are booked. And you do it by always staying at home. Is called Medicilio, the innovative service that brings the hospital to the patient’s home, allowing users to easily book home medical visits without having to give up the quality of the treatments and safety of the person. It was designed by Cantieri Digitali MedTech, a venture builder of home medicine, which, aiming at the forefront of healthcare delivery, has given life to a new approach to personal care.

In fact, Medicilio brings hospital services to the place of greatest safety for each patient: his home. The goal is therefore to offer maximum comfort to patients who do not want or cannot travel, while at the same time guaranteeing significantly reduced waiting times and the same quality of physical structures.

In this first phase, the services offered by Medicilio range from radiology (radiographic examinations), physiotherapy (rehabilitation and tecar therapy), cardiology (electrocardiogram and holter), dermatology (analysis in suspects), dentistry (dental hygiene and whitening), telemedicine (consult with general practitioner online).

All services can be easily booked online or through agreements stipulated with hospitals and pharmacy networks. Currently, Medicilio in fact, it has active, in Lombardy, a series of partnerships with important structures such as Humanity Medical Care, UGO e LaFarmacia.

We asked Mattia Perroni, Founder of Medicilio some more information on this innovative “decentralized hospital” model.

Where is the service currently active?
«Today Medicilio covers, with all its services, the area of ​​the metropolitan city of Milan. On the other hand, home radiology is also extended to the Abruzzo region ».

Who are the professionals who go home?
It depends on the services, but in general it is Specialized Technicians who go to the patient’s home. To give a practical example, in the case of an X-ray: a Radiologist Technician carries out the examination at home thanks to the portable instruments supplied, the image produced is sent electronically to a Specialized Doctor able to report the examination. The patient receives the digital report in a maximum of 24 hours ».

What period of time elapses between the booking and the visit?
“Generally it depends on the availability of our technicians, but we can say that for the most part we are able to organize an outing on the same day or within 24 hours following the contact”.

Are the costs higher or similar to those of an exam or a private visit requested at the facility?
“Price is an important part of our service. Since these are home services with a high technical content, it is difficult to make a comparison with a traditional structure. However, we have worked to make operational processes more efficient to reduce the price as much as possible and make it comparable to that of other physical structures ».

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